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Scottsmoor Self Defense and Tactical Shooting Group

When Sheriff Wayne Ivey came to the SCA meeting on 8/26/19, he spoke about how the Brevard County Sheriff’s Department hosts an 8-hour self defense course at the deputy training range in Cocoa. When it appeared that there was some interest by the membership in taking this course, we passed around a sign-up sheet.

Diane Giordano with the Sheriff’s Department training department kindly provided Jerrad with a list of potential dates for a special class just for Scottsmoor folks who wanted to attend. 20 folks from Scottsmoor confirmed and applied and we set the date for January 18.

As a group we really didn’t know what to expect to get out of the day. The class had been spoken of very highly by the Sheriff and the folks who run it. It began with Cpl Larry Plotkin introducing us to the course and telling us what we could expect to gain from the class.

We started with mental preparedness, led by Cpl John Martinez, who spoke about different levels of situational awareness and different ways to keep yourself at a safe distance from potential physical confrontation.

Next, we heard from Assistant State Attorney Jason Arthur. He spoke about the legal aspects and potential legal ramifications of using deadly force. He explained “Stand your ground” and “Castle Doctrine” and the Florida State Statutes that deal with firearms and using deadly and non-deadly force.

The group also had the unique opportunity to use a training simulator to place you into situations where you have to make rapid decisions with a firearm in your hand, and whether or not you could or should use the firearm to protect yourself or others from imminent danger. This segment of the course was led by FTO Shawn Potter.

The live-fire portion of the course was run by Cpl Larry Plotkin, Cpl Tygh Freeman, Deputy Zack King, Cpl Frankie Mays, Cpl Jose Centeno, and Deputy Ron Thomas. These instructors taught the group proper gun safety and tactical shooting techniques for practical applications.

At the end of the course, all 20 members of the group had passed and were given certificates by the Brevard County Sheriff’s Department stating that the course had been completed, allowing those interested to receive their Florida Concealed Weapon Permit, and the course meets and exceed the state requirements to do so. Even though many of us already have a carry permit and carry regularly, we all gained something from this course.

The entire group had a great time. This course was well worth the money. Typically, an 8-hour class comparable to this course costs several hundred dollars, but the Sheriff’s Department charges only $75 per person. If you would like more information about this class, you can visit the following website:

If you have any ideas for a fun group class, let us know!

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