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Community Hall Clean-Up!

The month of August was a busy month at the Scottsmoor Meeting Hall.

In addition to pressure washing the high bay parking lot and sidewalks around the building, the floors were completely stripped down and re-waxed, the baseboards were removed and replaced, the walls and ceiling were patched up and repainted, along with the doors and trim. Corner speaker shelves were installed and speaker wires run through the ceiling, along with the addition of wireless microphones to the existing PA system. The kitchen was reorganized to free up space, and the old fire equipment was moved into storage. The hall was thoroughly cleaned and reorganized, and shadowboxes were installed for past and present photos, including a historical Scottsmoor display. A 40” TV was also installed in the small room. A new mailbox was installed, along with a sign by the front door with the website info and phone number to the hall.

We would like to recognize and thank the volunteers that have worked on this project over the last two weeks:

Alyssa Atkins

Floors, painting, baseboards

Chase Atkins

Floors, pressure washing, cleaning

Reily Atkins

Floors, pressure washing, cleaning

Jerrad Atkins

Floors, taping, painting, pressure washing

wiring, cleaning, signs, blinds

Arlene Chamberlain

Taping, painting, cleaning

Doug Chamberlain

Painting, pressure washing

Anne Foster

Scottsmoor Historical Display

Doug Funk


Craig Human


Rose McGinnis

Painting, cleaning

Tom Minch

Pressure Washing

Cherryl Murphy

Painting, cleaning, mailbox, blinds

Don Murphy


Paul Raulerson

Floors, signs

In addition to freshening up the look of our building, this project made the hall also more attractive to potential renters. This will help bring in revenue for our day-to-day operations, potentially easing some of the fundraising pressure. We may be soon working with the Cape Canaveral National Cemetery to provide use of the hall for Veteran’s memorial services.

We would like to begin updating the kitchen soon, so stay tuned!

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