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November SCA Meeting

Last night the Scottsmoor Community Association welcomed to the monthly meeting two guest speakers: District 49 Florida Congressman Rene “Coach P” Plasencia, and Cape Canaveral National Cemetery Director Don Murphy.

Congressman Plasencia spoke about his role in Florida Government and took questions from the attendees about a variety of concerns for this community. He provided contact information for his office should anyone want to reach out to him. To do so, call (321) 383-5151.

Mr. Murphy spoke about the Cape Canaveral National Cemetery here in Scottsmoor and how upcoming construction may impact the traffic patterns in the neighborhood. He also took questions from concerned residents who had issues with the construction during the previous phase. Mr. Murphy will be back to give more information as the new project nears a start.

Last night we also were able to give the BBQ Grill/Smoker raffle prize to the winner who was not present last month. Wayne Pennington won the raffle with a ticket which was purchased through the SCA website. This month’s raffle prize, a 55” LED Smart TV was won by Arnie Benson. The next raffle prize, a fishing kayak, will be given away at our monthly meeting in February, which will be held on 2/24/20.

If you have a guest speaker in mind, one you would like to meet or hear from, please email us and let us know. We are always looking for ways to keep the community engaged and make sure residents have a voice.

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