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October Community Breakfast

This morning the Scottsmoor Community Association hosted a community breakfast. Dozens of community members showed up and had breakfast with friends and neighbors.

While the breakfast was not a huge financial success, we were able to sign up a few new members, sell a few raffle tickets for the BBQ grill, and turn a very small profit from the breakfast itself.

A Scottsmoor historical display was a big hit and generated a great deal of interest in the history of the town.

We would like to take a moment to thank the volunteers that helped set up, take down, cook, clean, and serve this morning.

Alyssa Atkins

Chase Atkins

Jerrad Atkins

Reily Atkins

David Laney

Rose McGinnis

Gina Prudhomme

Thanks also to those who showed up in support of the community and ate breakfast with us! We are proud to be serving this community!

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