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Scottsmoor Halloween Parade 2019

Last night we hosted the annual Scottsmoor Halloween Trick-or-Tread Parade and costume contest. 10 kids from Scottsmoor entered the contest, which had three categories: Scariest Costume, Funniest Costume, and Cutest Costume. Everyone who entered the costume contest received a $1 coin and goodie bag. The three winners were given an LED head lamp (which would undoubtedly be used later in the evening on the hunt for candy).

Once the costume contest wrapped up, kids and parents loaded up on the wagon for the trick-or-treat parade. They were pulled around Scottsmoor by a former Scottsmoor Fire Department fire truck. It was a great night, and the kids got their fill of candy and we were finished up before dark.

Thanks to all the volunteers who helped out:

Jerrad Atkins

Alyssa Atkins

Cheryl Ann Barnes

Arlene Chamberlain

Becky Funk

David Laney

Rose McGinnis

Trent Minch

Looking forward to doing it again next year!

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