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Scottsmoor School

As many of you are aware, Scottsmoor once had a school, located in what is now Parrish Park. This school was abandoned in the 1920s when a fire burned most of the town and most residents left. What remains now are ruins of what was once a beautiful school.

Many local residents would like to see the site preserved and protected with historical status, since it is one of very few remaining buildings from Scottsmoor’s heyday. This process has proven a difficult one to navigate and until now the SCA has not had the resources and/or bandwidth to handle the task.

A team of volunteers, including Gina Prudhomme, Rose McGinnis, Pat Dyer and Jerrad Atkins has been assembled to try and get this across the goal line. Sheriff Wayne Ivey has offered to allow use of his chain gang/prisoner work force to help clear the area around the ruins. The North Brevard Historical Society has been contacted and is willing to help us in this endeavor.

We are still in the infant stages of this process but we would like to get it completed within the year. If you have any knowledge on historical sites or are interested in helping us preserve this site, please email us and let us know!

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