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Welcome to the New SCA Website!

First, I just want to say thank you to the community members for trusting me with this task. I've been working really hard along with several board members to make this site as functional and up-to-date as possible!

As well as being 100% up to date with current information, the site has some exciting features that we can use as tools to raise money for the Association, offer a resource for emergencies and events, support local business, and spread the word about all of the good we are doing within the community. Here are a few blurbs about what's new:


With our interactive calendar page, viewers can see events in real-time with dates, times, locations, and special notes about each. This will be a go-to resource for monthly meeting dates, volunteer opportunities, and more. We will still use e-mail as our primary contact method, but the calendar page will be a fabulous way to stay in the loop with SCA Community events.


With our new donations page we can accept donations, safely, straight from the website. The service is provided through PayPal, which is a worldwide, trusted online payment system. This will be valuable if someone wants to help but can't make it to the hall to make a donation for a specific fundraiser or cause. The convenience of being able to accept donations online is a huge upgrade to our charity and I hope it will serve us well in the very near future!


With the new monthly raffle page, everyone can stay up-to-date on this month's raffle item. When someone asks about the raffle, we can now direct them straight to the raffle page on our site for all the information they'll need. We hope this will drum up some excitement about the SCA, helps raise funds, increase membership, and help get more people on board to further strengthening our community.


This page is where you are now, and I hope to regularly post stories and photos of the good we are doing within the community. Think of it as an easily accessible archive or a past events newsletter, complete with pictures and details about each event. This way members can get on the blog page and read, print, share, and download images from the events we hold. Since the old website had lots of pictures, I'm including them in this post as part of our history and archive. And as I am able, I will be updating the pictures throughout the site with pictures of our own community members in action helping each other AND the community!


Here are some great images that were on the old site from the SCA art, craft, and bake sale!

Here are some great images from when the SCA participated in the Christmas Parade!

Again, thank you all for trusting me with this important task! I am excited to implement this amazing new website as a valuable tool for us all!

Alyssa Atkins

Secretary, Scottsmoor Community Association

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Great job ! Thank you so much for redesigning the website. Love it!

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